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love-your-bodyWe were each meant to live in optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  If we’re not living optimally in an area, it is because we are making choices that separate us from God’s best.  Most people want to treat the symptom first.  At some point, however, we have to ask “Why are we making these choices that lead to less than the best?” 

Only when we begin to answer the “why” do we find real answers for life.  Admittedly, the path to “why” is a lifelong journey for me.  I started attempting to treat the symptom, to kill the fat by dieting, over 30 years ago.  I have been on every program you can imagine.  At times I got very “skinny” but it had nothing to do with being healthy.  It was about manipulating my body out of fear – fear that no one would love me, fear of inadequacy, fear of not being accepted.  It was out of self-loathing instead of self-loving.

Something has changed.  The way I relate to my health has shifted.  As people see the effects of this shift, they comment on my outward appearance.  I jokingly would reply “Yep, I’m getting skinny for the last time.”  The more I experience the change, the more I long to share this journey.  I don’t want to wait until I get to the destination.  I feel compelled to share the path as I walk it.

As a result, in 2014, Skinny for the Last Time – A Journey to Joyful Health will be released.  Each week I will share a little with you from the journey.   As I dig deeper and deeper into why I chose an unhealthy lifestyle and how I endeavor to make better choices, I hope my journey inspires your path to optimal health.

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