The One and Only Source for Pure Joy

Isn’t it so fun to celebrate our friends’ birthdays?  Or, even more special, how about our children’s birthdays?  Oh my goodness, I love it!  Bouncy houses and face painting and cake – It is so fun.   It isn’t to spoil our children or make them feel entitled.  It is to let them know they are special.  We are so glad they were born and we love them.  It is such a special time.

Photo Credit Via: Theen Moy

Photo Credit Via: Theen Moy

This month we have a great privilege.  We get to celebrate the most special birthday of all.  It’s the birth of Jesus!  Now, so many complain about there being no “Christ” in Christmas.  I personally think that our God delights in this season, even if his children don’t know why they are celebrating.  It’s kind of like that 1st birthday of your child.  You stick some balloons around them and a little cake in front of them and they have no idea what is going on.  But, it’s really fun. They demolish the cake and get it all in their hair and all over their face.  They have a blast and, as parents, it is really fun for us too.  We know why we’re celebrating and that is enough.  I think our Father probably feels the same about those who delight in the Season without any acknowledgment as to the reason.

After all “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.”  James 1:17 NIV.   For every one of us who experience joy and love in this season, it is because our Father sent it.  He blesses us with good things even before we know it is He who is giving the gift.  We are all God’s children, no matter where we are on our path or whether we would call ourselves “Christians”.   He uses the “spirit” of this season to give us all kinds of gifts.  The next time you feel true happiness in your soul, know our Father loves you very much and, if you are so inclined, say a little thank you.

With grace and gratitude, this Christmas I want to give back.  I want my season to be all about Christ.  Along those lines, Everyday with Joy will be devoted this month to the reason for the season.  Now, if you wouldn’t call yourself a “Christian”, please keep an open mind.  It is not my intent or desire to preach or push religion on anyone.  As a matter of fact, I am not religious either!  I just love Jesus, that’s all.  As uncomfortable as it makes me, I am going to open up my quiet time with Jesus for all of you to see.  I am giving this time to Christ.  Whatever He leads me to share, I will share.

Often when I write, I edit the message I receive.  I fear it turn someone off.  I think “I can’t say that, it’s too much Jesus.”  So, I replace Jesus with faith or spirituality or hope.  He is all of those things, but I am often afraid to tell it like Jesus tells me.   It ends up a “watered down” message.  Well, this month, I vow to give it like I receive it.  Every time I sit with Jesus, I will post or blog from my quiet time.  I hope to set myself aside and be a conduit for our God who loves us so much.  Perhaps there will be a word that is just for you, that you need to hear?  Maybe it will give you more joy during this season?

I, the girl who always has a plan and a direction, have no idea where this is going.   I will be as surprised as you!  I know this for sure – God always shows up. He will not lead us to do something and leave us hanging.  Anytime we ride with God, it is amazing and adventurous and exciting.  This Christmas season, I will work to simply surrender and ask God to stretch my faith.  With open minds and hearts, we share the one and only source for pure joy.

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