What time is it anyway?

In the last few months, there have been two times that I have literally lost time.

Photo Credit via Hartwig HKD

Photo Credit via Hartwig HKD


Both were very spiritual experiences. Both times I (and the person with me) would have sworn only about 10 minutes passed when, in fact, it was hours. So, God got me to thinking about time and this is what I heard:

Joy, don’t you realize time means nothing to me. I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. You like to think this is linear, like there is a beginning and an end and a big space in between. This is your thinking because you have created an idea of time. That is a human thing, it has nothing to do with me. Time, as you know it, is a figment of your imagination, of your creation. I, the God of the Universe, am not bound by time. You want to put your idea of time on the same level as me, as if it is an absolute which cannot be changed. You are wrong. A minute is a hundred years or a hundred years is a minute.

To speak of time is to say nothing, in fact. It simply isn’t real. You limit yourself by believing so strongly in a human concept such as time. You trust your beliefs of time more than you trust your belief in me. You don’t even begin to understand what is going on around you. You don’t even begin to understand the things which are “real”. Believe me, time is not one of them. I can take you away and you can spend what seems like a lifetime with me and it be a blink of an eye. You are made in my image. You have limitless in you. All those things you worry about in the flesh.

Do I have enough time? Did I miss too much of this part of my life? Will death come too soon? When you begin to understand me, you will understand the absurdity of those thoughts. You cannot waste what doesn’t exist. You speak of living in the moment. This is good. Every moment is fleeting and forever. If you really want more of me, if you really want more of what I can do, you have to let go of your beliefs about time. It too is a false god.

I think we have to first accept that we don’t know everything about God or the world in which we live. Often the things that seem the most real (the things that can be seen and touched) are the least real things among us. We trust in these things too much. I think we have to open our minds to begin to experience a God who is way bigger than this world. When we do, we may experience some things that seem crazy according to what we think we know. Isn’t that a good thing? We don’t serve a God who is limited by time, space, gravity or the “laws” of nature. He wants to show us things He can do. We just have to be willing to be willing to let go and hang on for the ride.

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