Everyday With Joy Manifesto

The Everyday With Joy Manifesto

What if we could live every moment with joy – even in troubled times?

What if we broke free from the fairy tale of the perfect mate, body , career or family? What if we designed our own lives?

Is it unrealistic? Your mind tells you to accept misery as an inevitable consequence of the life you’re expected to live. Yet, your souls feels truth.  You long for something different.

You are not alone.  There are people who experience the world through the eyes of their hearts. We refuse to accept the limitations of preconceived notions. We reject the rules and restrictions of the lives we’re “supposed” to lead. We journey to live, love, laugh and cry with joy. Welcome to our circle.

Are you ready to be happy? Do not be deceived. Happiness is not one-size- fits-all, attained by achievement. Our true happiness is as unique as a snowflake or butterfly’s wings. It is discovered not taught. Are you ready to uncover your truth?

We were designed to live with joy. Anything that separates us from our joy is a lie. NO MORE! It’s time to shed these lies forever. It’s time to live in a world where people are responsible for their own happiness.  It is time to discover our passion and live it! It is time to update our fairy tale.

It is time to live Everyday with Joy

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