Step Out of the Boat

Photo credit via Daniel Weber

Photo credit via Daniel Weber

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of an ocean of hurt.  The winds of uncertainty are howling around us.  Fear strikes us like lightening to the trees, lighting up the sky to show the monsters lingering in the dark.

We hold on so tightly to that which makes us feel safe.  We cling tightly to the sides of the boat trying to steady it in the chaos. The more strongly we clinch the more unstable our predicament becomes.

At that moment, we’re called to do the unthinkable.  We’re called to have faith. We’re not to have faith in the boat. No, see that doesn’t require faith at all.  That choice is based on logic and reason.  We’re called to have faith in that which makes no sense at all.  We’re called to step out of that which appeals to our logic and human sense of safety.  We’re called to step out of the boat.  With that faith, we can do the impossible. We can unlock the miraculous in our lives.  We can walk on water, right out of the storm.

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