You Are Not Broken

You are not broken – your idea of you is broken. It may seem like all is lost.

Photo credit via Pretty Hate Machine

Photo credit via Pretty Hate Machine

It may feel like life is spinning out of control. It may feel like you are buckling under the weight of the storm. You are not.

You, the real you, is unbreakable. You are love and light and happiness and joy. You are the dwelling place if the most High God. You are indestructible.

From the moment we are born, our minds begin to gather information and try to make sense of the world. We take in the sights, sounds and messages around us, sort it, store it and form ideas. Eventually, we gather enough data that we begin to form an idea of who we think we are. We create ideas of how our life should go and how people should act and what makes us valuable. We create an idea of us.

The beautiful thing about traumatic circumstances is that it breaks our delusion of ourselves. It takes the lie we’ve been living right out from under us and we’re given a chance to build a new foundation – a foundation in truth.

When you feel hopeless, when you feel like you can’t stand the storm – remember, you are not breaking. You are being revealed.

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